Agro Tech IIOT Connecting our world, machine to machine, through the internet of things… Utilizing M2M/IoT and IIoT Solutions

We are a Canadian based group working together with technology companies from around the world using “Best of Breed” M2M/IOT and IIOT solutions resolving challenges in many vertical markets. We provide the ability to automate all facilities and operations, enabling the monitoring of an entire operation, Anytime, Anywhere, through a “single unified interface,” 24/7 – 365 days a year! Contact Us for Application

A snapshot is taken of the entire facility minute by minute, giving the operator a visual status of everything from HD Video, Audio, ERP, IIoT Systems, PLCs, Sensors etc. in that moment. This aids in operator accountability and troubleshooting when trying to determine the root cause of a problem or the current operational status of any aspect, module, or attaining the entire facility overview.
"We are currently working with Simpsons Seeds, a Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan based company, to automate their facilities and operations within Saskatchewan as well as their international operations all over the globe utilizing IIOT solutions. We help companies and management teams face many challenges to meet customer demands with the right tools, providing what is required for contract completion."

Experience design at scale

We lose performance due to various operational challenges such as a lack of real-time operational data, inability to monitor operations remotely, unqualified workforce demands and a lack of facility automation policies & procedures, to name a few, Every company is facing many challenges to meet customer demands and to provide what is required for contract completion.


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We are also developing proprietary UAV (Drone) solutions utilizing Solar, IR & IIoT Sensors, HD Cameras and Wireless Technologies to allow 8-10 hour flight times with automatic Data Dumps that go immediately to secure Cloud Servers for aggregation and analytics. Relevant reports and analysis can then be accessed through a “Private Secured Portal” to let companies or farmers know what the status is with their crops and physical operations.

remain responsive across devices

These are a few examples of what is being done to solve real industry challenges. Our goal is to work together with the Provincial & Federal government, Academia, Industrial Technology companies, actual customers and end users to create a “High Tech Zone” similar to Silicon Valley that focuses on Agro-Tech, Oil & Gas Solutions, Forestry etc.

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Real time operations stats

The smart bio-cooperative ecosystem uses a network of sensors and controllers to monitor the garden’s physiological responses to the environment and then, using this data, optimizes productions.

Multilingual & Translatable

“With all the discussion of ‘smart-buildings’ and ‘smart-cities’ focused on human needs, and the arrival of driverless tractors, drones and many other forms of intelligent robotics starting to co-habit our human built environment, automation brings new opportunistic speculation in every language you may want.

Less modules needed

By working with existing hardware and software coupled with our patents we offer a complete solution. By networking and amplifying production by design we build better farms in the future. We give nature a say and open doors to more sustainable practices.

Amazingly Responsive

All growing and storage, watering, water storage and solar, power and infrastructure may be monitored easily from anywhere. Updated and presented by your specifications and easily adjusted for scope or view during cycles.

Community Builder

Technology and people living together producing together. City landscapes and country ones, balance and sustainable maxification of friendly bio-cooperative systems and interaction between people, community and nature in any landscape.

Easy to use interface

We make it easy for you, we suggest you help design your own user interface in a manner logical to you or we may build one with you. Easily add new points to monitor and add them to the control panel with a picture of them! Ask us how, ask us anything!

Make a beautiful farm more productive.

Connecting our world, machine to machine, through the internet of things...